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Mission and Purpose was created to provide an informal and easy-to-access means for individuals who wish to sell items that require in depth descriptions and details, including pictures or a picture gallery. In this way, a seller can post a item to the BuyTexoma web and prospective buyers can easily access the information to gain more in depth information.

This saves time for buyers and sellers alike. This also saves a lot of advertising money for the seller. A seller can advertise an item in local or even the more expensive big city newspapers with a brief description along with the web link to the in-depth description - along with pictures - on A prospective buyer, after seeing the short ad, can then go to the link and learn more about the item. If still interested, a prospective buyer can then email the seller with questions or to set up a meeting time. If the seller wishes to include their telephone number, that provides another avenue of communication with prospective buyers.

Optional Email Forwarding (included)

When posting an item to BuyTexoma, the seller can optionally use their own email address or request a email address with automatic forwarding set up.

We can set up one or more email addresses on the domain that automatically FORWARD items to an email account of the seller's choice. This is not a requirement but some folks like to keep their personal email address less public and this is the ideal way to accomplish that. Once instructed, we simply turn the Forward OFF, and no more email comes to the seller from the posting.



The only restriction on the types of items can be posted on BuyTexoma is that whatever it is, it must be legal and it can not be sexually explicit. Otherwise, it may be real estate, automobiles, tools, or anything else.


Available Formats & Rates

There are a number of formats available on BuyTexoma:

Page with text
$   25.00
Page with text and pictures*
$   45.00
Page with thumbnails linked to higher quality pictures*
$   65.00
Page with text and Flash Slide Show*
$   75.00
Page for Real Estate - text and up to 10 pictures
*up to 5 pictures - more pictures, each.
$    5.00

These are one-time flat rates - postings run through date of sale or until we are instructed to terminate posting.

Pictures supplied by seller in digital format.
We will be glad to take pictures for additional cost.










BuyTexoma and, its affiliates, employees, principals and owners offer this web listing service on a demand basis and as such does not make any claims or warrantee for any item offered by independent sellers through this web service.


For more information, email the Editor of


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