The application process

Step 1:

Find out which track(s) is/are relevant for you! If you’re in doubt, please check the programme track overview and explore the best fit based on your educational background and interests or?visit the graduate blog. You can also learn more about the different graduate programme tracks and meet us at our different career events around the world!

Step 2:

When you have found the best fit for your profile and career aspirations, please go ahead and apply by following the application process. As part of the application, the process includes that you must record a 1-minute personal presentation video enabling Novo Nordisk to get a good feeling about who you are and how you will match our organisation.

When applying make sure you have your cover letter, CV and a transcript of your latest grades ready. ?

For more information about the video, please watch the following:




Step 3:

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an initial interview with the programme manager or a local HR representative. The candidates who are not invited for an interview will be notified by mail. Feedback will be provided to the candidates who have been invited for an interview.

Step 4:

The successful candidates will be invited to?the Graduate Recruitment Centre, in?Copenhagen, Denmark.?

Candidates will take part in interviews, team- and individual exercises, and will be given feedback on personality and aptitude?tests conducted prior to the Graduate Recruitment Centre.?

The following video from 2017 gives you an idea of what to expect.




What is the typical recruitment timeline?

Applications will open


Applications will close?

Video/phone interview. Final candidates will be selected and invited to attend the Graduate Recruitment?Centre.

The Graduate Recruitment?Centre is hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Graduate programme starts on 1 September