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Want to submit an unsolicited application?

In Novo Nordisk we would like you to create a “Candidate Profile” instead of sending us your unsolicited application. When creating a “Candidate Profile” you can upload your CV, attach an application and provide us with information about your career history.

The information will be stored on your own personal profile, where you can always update career changes and information. We will then contact you if we see a strong match between you and a vacant position. If you have already created a profile (post 1 October 2018), you will not need to create a profile again. Then you only need to update your experience / attach your updated CV to your existing profile.

Please Note: We can only find you in our search results if your visibility options are not restricted. You can control your visibility settings within in your profile settings.

A supplement to your active job search

By creating a “Candidate Profile” you will not automatically be considered for our vacant jobs.? Our primary contact to candidates is still via our posted jobs ads, so remember to stay updated on our vacant jobs?and sign up for our job agent.

We only receive CV’s and applications if uploaded electronically in your “Candidate Profile”. Do not email your CV and cover letter to Novo Nordisk or Novo Nordisk employees.?


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