The link between T2D and CVD

CVD is the #1 cause of morbidity and mortality in people with diabetes globally1

In people with diabetes, approximately two-thirds of deaths are attributable to CVD.1?

Compared with people without diabetes, there is up to:

CVD is the largest contributor to the direct and indirect costs of diabetes.4

Multiple mechanisms drive accumulated risk for CV morbidity in patients with diabetes

Recent studies have looked at the following mechanisms:

  • Atherosclerotic plaques in patients with diabetes tend to be more unstable, leading to greater risk for plaque rupture and thrombosis5
  • Linear progression of CVD over time6,7
  • Worsening age-related changes in CV function increase morbidity8

o In 2011, heart disease or stroke was reported in 28.3% of people with diabetes aged 35 to 64, 43.1% aged 65 to 74 and 55.1% aged 75 or older9

Diabetes is a disease that greatly impacts CV risk

CV risk increases with age, additional comorbidities and diabetes progression.8