Introducing NovoFine?

The NovoFine? needle portfolio is an integral part of the Novo Nordisk delivery system, along with our diabetes medicines and pens. NovoFine? comes in different lengths and widths. It is a thin screw-on needle that is simple to use whatever your age or weight (BMI):


??Ultra-thin and ultra-short to minimise pain and risk of intramuscular injection


??Unique needle design to reduce risk of needle breakage or bending


??4 mm length is suitable for subcutaneous delivery in patients of all sizes or BMI?

? The NovoFine? needles also come in 6 mm and 8 mm variants?


? SuperFlow? technology improves the flow, for quick and easy injections

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Labelled diagram of NovoFine?

NovoFine? needles are thin, polished and coated with a tapered point to make your injection as comfortable as possible

Superflow? technology makes your injection quick and easy, reducing the effort needed to inject your medicine

NovoFine??needles have an integrated glue tower to reduce the risk of needle breakage

Pen options

NovoFine? needles fit all Novo Nordisk, and most diabetes pens.?

NovoFine? needles also fit most diabetes pens, such as:






Liprolog? Pen


Huminsulin? Pen


Exenatide Pen


Autopen? Classic


Autopen? 24


Omnican? Pen 31


OptiPen? Pro 1




BerliPen? Areo


BerliPen? Areo 2


BerliPen? 302


HumaPen? Luxura?


HumaPen? Luxura? HD


HumaPen? MEMOIR?





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The NovoFine? range

Available in packs of 100

Table of NovoFine? lengths available
Boxes of NovoFine? needles


* The G stands for gauge and is a measure of needle thickness; the higher the number, the thinner the needle.

5 NovoFine? needles lined up next to each other

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