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This blog features stories, videos and podcasts that put a personal focus on the challenges of living with obesity.
Tackling issues such as social stigma, weight bias and the power of patient advocacy, our outspoken contributors
offer insights, advice and encouragement for everyone affected by this chronic and complex disease.

Contributors are members of Novo Nordisk's Disease Experience Expert Panels (DEEPs), individuals who either
live with the disease or support someone that does. Scroll down to explore their perspectives.

My obesity journey: from comfort eater to plus size model!

To get an inside view on living with obesity, read
Vicki Mooney's blog post and listen to the

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What to call obesity?

To get an inside view on living with obesity, read Angela Chesworth’s blog post.


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Being an advocate for change

To get an inside view on living with obesity and patient advocacy, read Susie Birney’s blog post.


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An ally for someone living with obesity

To get an inside view on dealing with the daily challenges of living with obesity, read Andreas Herdt’s blog post


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Breaking the cycle of frustration

To get inspiration for talking to your healthcare professional read Pam Davis’ blog post.


Read Pam’s blog post


Novo Nordisk's Disease Experience Expert Panels (DEEPs) bring together individuals living with serious chronic diseases, including obesity, to provide insights and advice based on their experiences.


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Challenging negative attitudes

Beyond the daily physical challenges, people with obesity regularly encounter weight bias and stigma. This can have serious consequences for their health and quality of life. Changing these negative attitudes and behaviours will empower more people with obesity to reach their health goals.

Living with obesity

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