Talk to your doctor about cardiovascular risk

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of disability ad death in people with type 2 diabetes?

Cardiovascular disease refers to all of the diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels. Type 2 diabetes causes high blood sugar, which can damage the walls of the arteries. This damage can cause build-up of fatty material in the blood vessels and narrow the arteries, which in turn can lead to reduced blood flow. High blood sugar can also cause the blood to stick together and form blood clots. In people with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular risk remains high even when blood sugar levels are controlled, leaving many unaware of the risk. If you have type 2 diabetes, it puts you at greater risk of having a heart attack and stroke. Ask your doctor how healthy lifestyle choices and the right treatments can benefit your type 2 diabetes while also lowering your risk for heart attack and stroke.


Questions for your doctor

The following questions can help you ask the right questions about the connection between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and learn more about how you can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

1. Why is the risk of having a heart attack and stroke higher because I have type 2 diabetes?

2. How can I reduce the risk of having a heart attack and stroke?

3. Can weight loss help reduce the risk of having a heart attack and stroke?

4. Does my current type 2 diabetes medication reduce both my blood sugar and the risk of having a heart attack and stroke?

Remember to print out this quick guide today and bring it along to your next scheduled doctor’s appointment.


Download and print the conversation guide in pdf format here